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About Our Company

Bedrock Environmental is a preferred Diamond Sock distributor, priding ourselves in quality products, service, and environmental solutions.

Bedrock Environmental was formed to support contractors with the correct EPA approved products for their erosion and sediment control needs. Our roots in the oil and gas industry make us your one-stop-shop for your environmental needs.

About Us

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Bedrock Environmental is a vertically integrated company who prides themselves on ethical sales and competitive pricing with same day/next day delivery. We strive for a personal and professional partnership, and we are driven by relationship.

Bedrock Environmental Products

Palletized Compost Filter Sock

Our silt sock is installed on site to trap gravel, silt, and sediment while still allowing water to filter and pass through. A huge benefit of compost filter sock or silt sock over silt fence is that there is no need to return to the site for removal.  Just simply slice open the netting and leave the compost to decompose naturally.

Switch Sock

Diamond Sock SwitchSock uses high strength netting filled with switchgrass. The light weight makes SwitchSock a great solution for short term sediment control applications. During restoration. SwitchSock can be cut open and spread similar to straw.

Road Wattle

Diamond Sock Road Wattle was created to prevent sediment from migrating into ground water alongside access roads, equipment yards, and streams.   Each sock is constructed from high-performance safety green netting and filled with an organic mixture of pine straw and compost; this makes them lightweight and easy-to-handle but still very durable out in the field.

Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat

Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat

Magnetically attaches to the storm water’s inlet grate. The vertically aligned coil fibers of the Blackhawk Mat create’s a high flow, extremely effective sediment and debris filter. Scalloped edges and top surface inlet ports, create an exceptionally large filtration surface; practically eliminating sediment and dramatically reducing chances of street flooding.

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